Sunday, 17 August 2014

All Boy

I'll let you in on a little secret. . . I never thought I would have a boy. After my gut feeling that Joss was a boy was wrong I was sure Jasper was a girl. We were not going to find out the sex with him and literally on the table at the ultra sound we changed our mind. Kids seem to come in pairs in my husband's family so I had started making plans for how Joss would grow up having a sister and imagining their bond. Even after the ultra sound I refused to get rid of any of Joss's old clothes lest we jinx it.

I figured since Joss was such a tomboy actually having a boy wouldn't be so different.  Boy oh boy was I wrong! This kid can sniff out a ball or a truck a mile away. While Joss was always happy to play with a ball given the chance Jasper actually seeks balls out and when he could just barley walk started kicking them around with out any previous prompting. Joss was never prissy or minded getting dirty but Jasper actually seeks out mud to roll around in.

So what is my 100% boy upto at 15 months?

He runs EVERYWHERE there is no walking around here just running at break neck pace.

He love to get on the trampoline and while he hasn't mastered jumping he does bend his knees and bounce with out his feet leaving the trampoline.

He loves to climb the climbing wall at the park and does so with little assistance from me.

He also knows how the zip wire at the park works and will run up to the seat bit and drag it back to the ramp and then whinge until someone will help him drag it up the ramp. Funny enough dragging it up the ramp is usually enough to placate him though I have had to run along side it a few times while holding on to him.

He is mesmerized by his sisters scooter and will straddle it while holding the handle bars and walking it along.

This weekend saw our annual trip to the summer Fun Fair and he was more than willing to have his go on the rides.

He loves saying "hiya" and will run up to you grab you say hiya, laugh like he has just told the funniest joke then run off so he can start the whole process again.

He also says done, mama, again, nigh nigh (night night) and is pretty good with his non verbal communication. He will take your hand and lead you to something he wants that is out of reach and when he is ready for nap or bed he walks up to the fridge and pounds on it saying nigh nigh so you will prepare his milk.  If he wants a drink he takes you to the cupboard where the cups are and points and grunts. A few days ago he dragged a stool over to the counter stood on it and pointed and grunted at the biscuit (cookie) jar. No dumb bunny there.

This boy loves his water in any form bath, paddling pool, swimming pool and splash park. Last week he managed to figure out how to open the taps on the rain water butts my MIL has to water her garden and it was like Christmas and his birthday had come all at once!

He still pretty much eats whatever is put in front of him but is not to keen on bread or crackers so that make lunch interesting. He knows the sight and sound of a candy bar wrapper from a mile away!

He is so happy to play on his own which is such a welcome relief after a first child who still wants to be entertained 24/7.

While there is some mutual playing between J and J it usually ends badly. Jasper is learning to hold his own and has even gotten sly with getting what he wants. He certainly knows Joss's favourite toys and will use this to his advantage to force a swap out for some thing he wants that she has.

Sleep isn't perfect but it is a far cry from Joss at this age. He has been teething on and off for a few months and if his teeth are bothering him we can expect 1-4 wake ups in the night. When they are not bothering him usually one wake up, though recently we have seen 10-12 hour stretches with out a waking now and again. As I said after Joss anything seems like an improvement.

He really has been such an amazing addition to our family and completes us as a unit.


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