Sunday, 19 April 2009

Oops I forgot

Sorry I forgot that I had not posted the pictures of the Spring Garland I made for our mantle piece at the crop a few weeks ago.

Seriously loving it but it is time I started to contemplate how I want to decorate for summer. To anyone worried I found my bone folder yesterday while cleaning up some of my craft stuff. It had gotten shoved under some stuff in a bag I had taken to the crop and yet to clean out. Not sure how that happened as I have used it since the crop but all is well that ends well.

I spent over two hours uploading photo's to photo box so that I can order some prints for the next crop, they are cheaper than the 24hr option anywhere around here but time consuming to up load the photos you want. Hopefully easier to order once you have uploaded.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

New Stash!

So I have some fun new stash! Some arrived care of my post man from Craft Obsessions yesterday to my husbands dislike as the post man knocked very loudly at 7.15 in the morning while he was still snoozing ha ha. The rest I acquired on a trip to Artbase today.

These are the new Paper Whimsies from Sassafras Lass to go with some of their paper I have, I am doing a cute page of the nieces riding their bikes. So loving the retro feel, my mother is probably asking herself where she went wrong as she swore off all things retro after they bought a house with a master bedroom done in Avocado Green and Gold. The kitchen boasted all Avocado Green appliances as well, I don't think she had ever been happier for the stove to break!
Some new Thickers and some puffy metallic alphas from Making Memories from their Just Chilling collection. I have terrible handwriting so alpha may be an addiction but a practical one for titling scrapbook pages.

The everything shot a break down of what I got:
Tim Holtz Gunge book- I had never been exposed to Grunge board before this and bought the book as I like the shape for a mini album, I am hooked it feels amazing almost like suede. It also has an oddly nice smell to it like suede and new paper.

Making Memories- Girl Just Chilling Puffy Alphas, Clear Journaling Stamp set, and 12x12 Audrey Scallop ledger(the base paper fro my riding bikes layout)
Hero Arts- Four Leaf design block stamp, I was Kristina use this a few weeks ago on a FF video and loved it and wanted to recreate something similar.
My Minds Eye- Bella Bella Bellezo 12x12 "Wild Blossom" paper and Daily Dose 24/7 cards "Roll Call" journaling spot.
Creative Imagination- I got two sheets one I can't find a label with the title it is ledger style again, really into the ledger thing. The other is 12x12 "Journal Meadow"
Sassafras Lass- 12x12 Vintage Yummy "Memories Lane" and Vintage Yummy Paper Whimsies(see above)
1 1/4 square punch
Mod Podge the best glue and sealer in the world I love this stuff!
Think it is about time to ink up my new stamp and make some cards as my poor card making supplies have been under used lately then maybe tomorrow onto some scrapping.
In totally unrelated news a while back our neighbour offered the use of his clothes line if we were so inclined to use it. I knocked on his door this afternoon to ask if the offer still stood and if the line would be free for a couple of hours, it was and now I am ripe with anticipation of sheets that have been dried by the sun and the wind, there really is nothing better!
I have also misplaced my Martha Stewart bone folder I brought back from the US. I think it has slipped under something as I have search all my drawers and boxes and container. Anyone who has one will know this is more than just a bone folder. I guess I need to start moving furniture.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

I think I got a little crazy with buying chocolate and goodies for my nieces' Easter baskets he he. I had to do a lot of delicate STUFFING to make it all fit. I got the the idea from Dawn over at Dawn's Stamping Spot. She did a mini 6x6 basket but I wanted something a little larger. I made four altogether 2 for the nieces and two for DH best friends daughters who are nieces to us for all extents and purposes.

Each ones of the baskets had one of these as well, I think that was what took up the most room.

I got so excited that they made Cadbury mini creme eggs this year, they were so cute I just had to get some, then I remembered I hated creme eggs. Good thing for nieces.
Hope you have all had a good Easter!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

So Thankful

Okay it is 8.30 on Sunday morning and I am showered dressed my hair is done, the laundry is going and I have fed myself. This is a little freakish, when I woke up and walked past the clock on the stove I didn't have my glasses on and I thought it said 8:58 I was kind of irked but figured if my body needed the sleep so be it. On the way back I noticed the sky was still pink and thought that was strange so I put my glasses on and had another look 6.58 oh that is a little better ha ha ha. I am just waiting for the was to finish and I am off to the next big town over Basildon for some crafting stuff. I need a Happy Easter stamp to do a second card for my nieces I refuse for any of their cards to be remotely similar and I had a set that had a very specific greeting but don't want to use the same stuff for my second nieces card. I think having a husband who is a twin has drummed into me that even if they are both girls and sisters that things need to be different. I am also hoping to find that plasticy grass stuff you put in the bottom of Easter baskets, I am sure they have out lawed it in England for one reason or another, no worries I have a plan B. Last but not least some twine to hang my garland, I am thinking it will give it a nice rustic look if I use brown kitchen or garden twine to put it all together. Will post pics as soon as it is done and hung.

My mother in law rung yesterday to invite me down for a Sunday roast, I am wondering if Mr Y in E put her up to it as the last time I went shopping I bought all veggie stuff and no meat as I kind of have a take it or leave it relationship with meat especially when I am the one having to cook it. I can actually see Mr Y in E calling up his mum and saying "Can you make sure Yank gets some protein in her diet while I am away" ha ha. I am cool with it as it means I don't have to cook for myself and I will not have to do the dishes as MIL has a dish washer. I also get dessert which is a rare treat as I don't buy any of that stuff and only have it when I go out.

So another layout I made up yesterday. It did not turn out anything like I had in mind, I really wanted to use a photo of DH that is my absolute fav but I can't find it on the computer and as it is one from where DH works that was done professionally for some advertising they were doing for the resturant I think DH has it sitting in a folder deeply buried in some of his work stuff on the computer and after searching for 30 min yesterday morning I gave up and decided to use one from five years ago that I absolutely love but had never put on a scrap page. Anyways it just sort of all just laid itself out and then it was done, kind of a weird experience I was doing all the trimming and stuff but all of a sudden I looked down and it was done and I not sure where it came from other than the title was one I saw on another page and like.

I bought the type writer alphas about 4 years ago, I just HAD to have them and since then they have been sitting in my alpha folder just waiting for my perfect project, I was almost sad to use them but then though what am I going to save them for the rest of my life to be buried with them or something HA. Have I mentioned I am addicted to sassafrass lass paper! I love it, did a whole mini album for my MIL for mothers day. Well the washing machine just dinged time to run and change the laundry and be on my way.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fun times

I had such a great time at my crop today. I arrived an hour and a half after it started because I was not organized enough to get the photo's I wanted developed yesterday so I had to run and get them developed today. Did a couple of Layouts and just about finished the garland for over the mantle piece. Here is one of the layouts I finished.

Sorry the photo of the letters did not show up better I think because the flocked damask is on acetate it makes taking a photo hard. The background lilac paper is also a lot darker than it looks in the photo. This is the only wedding photo I have scrapped in the year and a half since we were married. I think I was just trying to find a style I liked. While it looks nothing like Kitty's paper at Scraps the City and me I mentioned in the last article her layout gave me a lot of ideas I love that about the scrapbook community.
I am now off to finish the garland so I can hang it tomorrow, so glad I left the hooks up after Christmas at least the hardest part already done!

Friday, 3 April 2009

I havn't forgotten my blog

I promise! I have been super busy shamelessly trolling blogs for ideas to CASE for my crop tomorrow and then trolling the Internet to find the same or similar products to use. So here are some of my favorites ideas

I love every page that Kitty does put the wedding layout in particular is great. Given me some great ideas on how to do a page for Mr Y in E and my wedding since it has been over a year and a half and I have not scrapped one photo.

This layout really spoke to me I think it is the title and how much Mr Y in E has been my rock lately So I want to do something similar but with my favorite photo of him.

I am also loving Laura's Here There and Everywhere mini book! So cool

I love this Layout entitled Evolution. I was not organized enough to get all my photos ready but will have to keep that as an idea for a later date.

I am struggling with a bunch of stuff right now and when I say Ali Edwards Family Circle set for TT I knew I wanted to make a gratitude journal and these would be the perfect stamps to use with it.

I also think my mantle needs one of these to celebrate the arrival of spring! How cute will it be with all my Bloom and Grow paper!

I think that should keep me busy tomorrow and beyond!