Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

I think I got a little crazy with buying chocolate and goodies for my nieces' Easter baskets he he. I had to do a lot of delicate STUFFING to make it all fit. I got the the idea from Dawn over at Dawn's Stamping Spot. She did a mini 6x6 basket but I wanted something a little larger. I made four altogether 2 for the nieces and two for DH best friends daughters who are nieces to us for all extents and purposes.

Each ones of the baskets had one of these as well, I think that was what took up the most room.

I got so excited that they made Cadbury mini creme eggs this year, they were so cute I just had to get some, then I remembered I hated creme eggs. Good thing for nieces.
Hope you have all had a good Easter!


Sparkly Pink Star said... hated cream eggs! I went to 6 stores to find cream eggs yesterday! Good old CVS...bought 16 lol!! Super Cute baskets, I bet they loved them :)

Sparkly Pink Star said...

that was mean't to say hate! Must go to bed, cannot type!!

Michael5000 said...

OK, I was feeling all like Mr. Great Uncle for making easter baskets for my nieces until I saw this.

I mean, my contents were good, but the baskets themselves were... um... little cardboard shipping boxes. Used ones.