Sunday, 8 March 2009

Glitter Glorious Glitter

When I went home for Christmas there was one thing on my wish list that was an absolute must. I was NOT getting on the plane to come home to England until I had a good stock of Martha Stewart Glitter. One does not truly realize they are living in a foreign country until a simple thing like finding decent glitter becomes impossible. Last October when I decided that I wanted to decorate some pumpkins with glitter and was unable to find any glitter except gold and red with huge flakes I vowed to never be in this situation again. My mother thought this was hilarious, in the weeks up to my trip home she would ask what I wanted to do while I was at home, at trip to Micheal's was always at the top of the list.

I speak to her on the phone on a weekly basis and rarely does a week go by that she does not ask if I have used any of the 24 new colours of glitter I am now in possession of. Every time I tell her no but just knowing that I have it makes me sleep better at night. So when I realized that this year was an extra special anniversary for my parents and they deserved more than the bog standard card I decided that my very first use of my Martha Stewart glitter could not be better than on my parents anniversary card. I used a sketch by Jen Diercks (she is seriously talented guys check out her blog) who is a guest designer over at I {heart} to stamp where this sketch was posted.

I had pulled out the Polka Dot Punch set from SU! to make some wrapping paper got my parent's gift and that is where the inspiration came for this card. I am not usually into matchy matchy but I just love how this heart stamp looks. I played around with it on some black paper with white Stazon ink and it is stunning as well.

Ha what my stamp table looked like when I was done creating the card. I am not the most organized of crafters.


~amy~ said...

Look at all that wonderful glitter!!! Sweet your take on the sketch! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Hannah-Cherie said...

Wow thats a beautiful card! What fun glitter, I would like some of it but I have told myself I need to make 10 cards with glitter before I can buy it so I know I will use it, well that was about a year ago adn I think I made one card!! lol!!

Michael5000 said...

Glitter? Really? Far out.

When I lived in the UK, I had to have rubbing alcohol and Doritos shipped in, and order refried beans by the case from a specialty food store. Brutal.


Its funny reading what you miss from the US, I am english living in the US and I miss so much food from England that i dream about it , but one benefit is there is so much more choice of craft supplies, but I do so miss chocolate and english sausages!!!