Sunday, 29 March 2009

With Sympathy

I struggle so hard with the concept of making a sympathy card. Most of the reasons you make cards are happy. The birth of a baby, a birthday, a wedding. Even with get well soon cards there are so many fun ways to do them. Sympathy cards are hard for me, I think as most card maker will agree I put my heart into making a card, I have very few generic cards, cards are made for a purpose, with someone in mind at the time when I make them. So when making a sympathy card I struggle knowing the person I am making it for is in pain or struggling with a loss. There is no image that will heal that. With that in mind sympathy cards may be the most important you send, no image will heal the pain but the knowledge that others are there and they care is important. So here it is simple and plain but I hope it brings comfort.

Forgot to mention Jo over at Stampin and Stuff has some fun blog candy going right now if you live in the Europe pop over to leave a comment!


Hannah-Cherie said...

I agree I find sympathy ones hard too but you did a really great job, its a beautiful card :)

Mary said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous sympathy card.